B-SAFE Driving Education
B-SAFE Driving Education
Comprehensive driver's training that prepares students for driving in the real world
About our Classes
About our Classes
We offer weekly classes year round and morning classes during the summer.
Become a Safe, Successful Driver
Become a Safe, Successful Driver
For wherever the road takes you.
We've been in business a long time.
We've been in business a long time.
We are State of Ohio certified, fully insured and bonded, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
We have classroom locations in Trenton and Carlisle Ohio...to serve you better. Our in-car educators will pick you up at the location that's most convenient for you when possible.
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B-SAFE Driving Education classes are held year round, three evenings each week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays), from 5:15 - 9:30 PM at our Trenton and Carlisle locations. We also offer morning classes during the summer...making it easy for your student to get started.
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For nearly 20 years, our family-owned business has been providing the knowledge, training and experience area students need to make them safe, responsible drivers, and we are proud of that.
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At B-Safe...

We understand the lifelong importance of the driver's education experience for beginning drivers. That's why we're committed to helping our students become safe and successful drivers...no matter where the road ahead takes them.

Course Details

The cost of our comprehensive driver education course is $425. A down payment of $100.00 is all that is required to begin classes and we offer easy payment plans. Full payment is required before we can schedule a student's in-car training sessions, though, and per Ohio revised Code, all training must be completed within six months. We offer weekly classes year round in the evenings and summer classes in the mornings...at both locations. **We also offer in-car only education for students who have completed an online course, please contact us for details.


B-Safe Driving School is an excellent place for teenagers to become more familiar with becoming a responsible driver. Parents have to take some of the responsibility too, but B-Safe does an outstanding job in class room training and in car driving. My daughter went there and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Lynn R

My third daughter is currently doing in-car driving, all three of them having attended B-Safe. You cannot beat the price and all three have actually enjoyed the classes although long on a school night. The first two passed the test on the first try and the third looks like she will too. Driving school is not a substitute for the parent teaching the child to be careful and to approach driving in a very serious way. This is what all those hours in the car with a parent should be about. If nothing, driving school is great because the teenagers hear the same things from a different person and many of them are more likely to believe it from someone else other than their parent, especially someone like the instructor Dave in Carlisle. All my girls have really enjoyed Dave and remember his stories years later. I have been very happy with B-Safe and recommend it to anyone.

Sandy N.

Had 2 of my teens in the same class. All instructors were professional and taught them well. Office was very flexible in scheduling and in our case, rescheduling the driving dates/times. Both kids passed the driving and maneuverability on the first try. Thank you B-Safe!

Jim D.