There are two ways to register for Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction:  1) Online and 2) In-Person.  For either option, please begin the registration process below. The form will link you to the registration option you prefer (online or PDF Contract to use for in-person).



Important Information

Online Registration

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You are now registering a student for B-SAFE driving education instruction that will include the state-required 8 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction only (four 2-hour sessions). The student's original 24-hour class completion certificate must be given to B-SAFE at time of sign up or at first day of class per State of Ohio. If you do not have your original 24 hour certificate of completion, we cannot sign you up at this time. (Copies of the certificate will be required to register online - but the original is still required on the first day of class.) The total cost is $625 and must be paid at sign up before In-Car Instruction will be scheduled.

I understand I will be scheduling a student for In-Car Instruction only, the payment information provided, and that I will need to provide my original 24-hr course completion certificate to B-SAFE.

In-Car instruction will not be scheduled until the $625 fee is paid in full. All scheduling of In-Car Instruction is done by our B-SAFE staff scheduler and you will receive a notification email when the student is scheduled. This is a lengthy process and will take at least 3 weeks from contract date before a schedule is posted online. Once you receive your email, you can view your student's schedule.and follow instructions in the email to request changes or to cancel. Also, students may be scheduled to drive back-to-back, so please allow for additional travel time from one student's home to another's at the end of the drive session. Typically this will be 20 minutes or less but could be longer depending on traffic. By continuing this form below you acknowledge that you have read and understand this information.

I understand the information provided above regarding In-Car Instruction.

Upon form submission below, you will be linked to an ONLINE LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT to register a student for B-SAFE Driving Education., PLEASE READ THE CONTRACT CAREFULLY AND RESPOND ACCURATELY. The contract will provide the opportunity to pay online in addition to information about other payment options.

I understand and am ready to register a student.