Thank you for registering a student at B-SAFE!

Some form of payment is due before your student can begin classes. Fees can be paid online, phoned into to the Trenton office using a credit card, or dropped off in person to the Trenton or Carlisle offices.  Please note that credit or debit card fees will incur an additional 3.5% credit card service fee.  

Fees can be paid in full at time of registration or a $100 deposit can be made to reserve a place in a class then the reminder of the fee must be paid by the end of the student's second week of class.  Please remember that all fees have to be paid in full before students in put on the waiting list to schedule Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

  • To make a payment online, please use the online payment form below.
  • To make a payment via telephone using a credit or debit card, please call our office at 513-988-7233 during our office hours M - F from 11:00-4:00.
  • To make a payment in person, please bring cash, check or credit/debit card to our office at 8 West State Street in Trenton, Ohio and we can process your payment.

We sincerely appreciate that you have chosen B-SAFE for your driving education needs. Thank you.

Online Payment

You can pay online using your debit or credit card or Paypal.  Please be sure your registration contract has been completed and submitted also.  (Please note:  online payment options include 3.5% credit card service fee)

Please choose from the drop-down payment menu below than pay via credit, debit or Paypal.

Choose Payment Amount (includes 3.5% Paypal Service Fee)
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