In-class instruction and Behind the Wheel/In car have resumed at our Trenton and Carlisle locations in June (safety measures will continue including spaced seating, sanitation, etc.) and we will be offering evening in-class education at our both locations.

The full cost of the classes (include classes and in-car instruction) is $425/per student. Please note, full payment for your student is required before in-car training can be scheduled. You can review the full 2021 price list here.

We longer have an office in Centerville, Ohio. Our next closest office is in Carlisle. We will still drive with students in the Centerville area that have done their classroom online, but you will need to sign up at our Carlisle location.

PLEASE NOTE:  You should allow a minimum of three (3) weeks from start date before calling to schedule Behind the Wheel (BTW) training.  We are currently scheduling BTW/in-car training a minimum of four (4) months from start date/final payment.



B-SAFE Driving Education is a family owned and operated business (and has been for four generations).  We are state-certified and fully bonded and insured, and we are proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are honored that you consider trusting us to provide driving education for your future driver.

The State of Ohio requires teens to complete 24 hours on in-class education and 8 hours of in-car training. Our students attend in-class sessions at one of our two locations (Trenton or Carlisle), and our in-car training consists of private lessons that ensure a one-to-one learning experience for each student with a certified instructor. (Please note, occasionally, there may be a second student in a car temporarily as we exchange and transport student drivers).

We cannot guarantee that all students will pass their required classroom test or their BMV driving test, of course, but we will do our very best to teach them everything they need to know to do so...and to be responsible and safe drivers.

NOTICE: Though we no longer have a location in Centerville, we do continue to drive with online students in the area, and our Carlisle office will accommodate many of the students that would have otherwise gone to Centerville. 



A teen may begin driving education at age of 15 year and five months, even before they are eligible to obtain a driving permit. At the age of 15 and six months a person may apply for a permit to start their in-car training.

In Ohio, students are required to complete 24 hours of classroom training and 8 hours in in-car training.

The full cost of the classes (include classes and in-car instruction) is $425/per student, and full payment is required before we schedule a student for in-car training. 

(We also have special pricing for teen driving siblings who are taking the driving course at the same time.  Click here to review the full list of 2021 prices.)




B-SAFE Driving Education classroom training is held three evenings per week, year round, from 5:15 - 9:30 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at both of our locations (Trenton and Carlisle). Class length equals 12 hrs per week, so completing two weeks of classroom training, without absence, would complete the 24 hours of classroom training  required by the state of Ohio.  In the summer, we offer morning classes at all three locations.

Typically we offer the following class times and locations, however, please call 513-988-7233  (Trenton) or 937-743-2967 (Carlisle) to confirm our schedule of classes & times. 

Classes start every Monday and run Mon-Tues-Wed  at the Trenton and Carlisle schools (6 classes and 8 hours of in-car required.)

Please call Trenton at 513-988-7233 with any general questions or to inquire about how far out we are currently booking in car.

SUMMER CLASSES - We offer classes every summer. Please check back in Spring, 2022 to find out more information about Spring, 2022 classes.


IN-CAR TRAINING (If you have completed 24 hours of classroom education with B-SAFE)

The eight (8) hours of in-car training cannot begin until after the student has completed their 24 hours of classroom education, has passed a written test, has a valid permit and his/her B-SAFE course fees are paid in full. We schedule in-car training per our instructor and car availability, and we work hard to schedule drivers as soon as we can but we do not make any promises as to when we will get your student done.

PLEASE NOTE:  You should allow a minimum of three (3) weeks from start date before calling to schedule Behind the Wheel (BTW) training.  We are currently scheduling BTW/in-car training a minimum of four (4) months from start date/final payment.

**We also offer in-car only training for students who have taken a 24-hour online education class. Please contact us for details.

    • The driving portion is normally scheduled in four 2-hour blocks.
    • We try to be flexible with pick up and drop off locations. Normally we will pick up at school or home and drop back off at home.

A "Certification of Completion" will be issued at the end of the course, after both the in-class and in-car training have been completed. All driver education must be paid for and completed within six (6) months from the date the student starts classroom instruction- per Chapter 4501-7.10 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).


The cost of our driver education course is $425.  A small down payment of $100.00 is all that is required to begin in person classes and we offer easy payment plans up to 90 days.  The balance is to be paid in full prior to scheduling a student's in-car training sessions.


IN CAR TRAINING ONLY (If you have completed an online education course elsewhere)

The cost of eight (8) hours of in-car training only with B-SAFE is $400 dollars.

That contract for in-car training online is not online. Contracts for students doing BTW/in-car only must fill out a contract at either the Trenton school location or Carlisle school location.   Payment of $400.00 must be made in full  at time of sign up.  The original 24-hour certificate from your on-line provider must be given to driving school when your contract and payment are done.

Follow this link to sign up for an online course through our online partners. https://register.driversedpermit.com/courses-selection/?src=bsde20&st=OH

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